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The following goals guide our curriculum:

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1) Physical Development: This has a predetermined sequence and proceeds at a rate that is individual to each child. The rate of a child’s growth may be enhanced or slowed by the environment to which your child is exposed and also by the extent of development- facilitative skills possessed by the adults who influence your child’s life. We aim to support all of your child’s physical needs.

2) Cognitive Development: Most toddlers are at the sensorimotor or preoperational stage of cognitive development. In the sensorimotor stage, a toddler primarily bases all experiences on their own perceptions, derived from their own concrete experiences. In the preoperational stage, new characteristics develop. In understanding their feelings, we hope to facilitate their transition through these stages by helping them inquire why, how, and when things happen. The key to understanding is questioning, and at Garden Friends on Main, no question goes unanswered and no feeling is ignored.

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3) Language Development: One development that proceeds at a very rapid pace during toddler years is language/ communication skill. When language skills are first developed, a child’s vocabulary may consist of ten words. As they continue to develop, their vocabulary will build as well as their communication skills. It is not unusual today for children who have had exposure to articulate parents, television, and movies to have a high degree of skill with language. For our friends, we incorporate many elements such as song, television, stories, and general communication between our friends and their teachers to enhance language skills so that your child’s vocabulary continues to grow at a rapid pace.

4) Psychosocial Development: According to psychoanalysts, the toddler period in terms of growth consists of two crucial social- emotional skills: autonomy and initiative. As children begin to develop self-help skills such as feeding, dressing, and toileting they need the encouragement and support of the adults in their lives. As your child’s social development changes, we will nurture their various emotions so that they will feel comfortable. In developing these emotions, we encourage children to choose their actions in order to gain independence. Children are able to choose areas of play, arts & crafts, discipline, toilet training, and dressing & undressing.

Admission Policies

If you wish to enroll your child into our program, you must first fill out a registration form and submit a non- refundable $50.00 registration fee.

Once your child has been accepted into the program, they must be examined by a physician to clear them from any illness that would prevent them from being around other children.

Also, at that time the child’s vaccinations would have to be up to date and a copy of their immunization record would have to be submitted to Garden Friends on Main.

If you would like to enroll your child but our program is at max capacity, your child will be placed on a waiting list. If an opening becomes available, the director will notify you. If you do not enroll your child within two weeks of the contact date, you will lose your spot in the school but your child’s records will be kept for one year. If at the end of the year, you are still interested in keeping your child on the waiting list, you must contact the director.

*The above is the policy from Garden Friends Early Learning Center (Director, Terri Kelly) which is the same for Garden Friends on Main (Director, Michelle Hubler).